About Us

Casa de Viajes HOY, S.C., is a socially-responsible enterprise based in Cuernavaca, Mexico, that provides bed & breakfast, cultural immersion, and community-based activities to domestic and international volunteers and visitors.

Our Mission
To foster positive development in underprivileged communities and personal growth in traveler-volunteers through “give-and-get travel.”

What Is Give-and-Get Travel?
Give-and-get-travel offers the best of both worlds: A socially-aware traveler can share knowledge, energy and skills with members of the community through volunteer work at local projects while learning about the people and culture from the inside out.

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Director: Gerardo


Program Coordinator: Cindy

Starting out as an intern, Cindy has been with Casa HOY since 2007. After majoring in Spanish and International Studies she decided that no U.S. Mexican restaurant could make a good enough chile relleno so she moved to Mexico right after graduation. At Casa HOY she has led give-and-get travel groups and individuals in Mexico and currently runs the volunteer house in Cuernavaca. Cindy loves to travel, speak Spanglish, learn how to cook Mexican food, watch pirated movies with her husband and play with her dog, Sasha.


Casa HOY Intern: Marie


Casa HOY Intern and Spanish teacher: Jessie

A Cuernavaca native, Jessie has helped out at Casa HOY as a Spanish teacher and tour guide, as well as a volunteer group leader. Jessie enjoys meeting new people, traveling and sharing her country with volunteers.


Spanish teacher: Anaii

Anaii studied at the Universidad Internacional where she also taught Spanish to foreigners. She now does a range of work, including wedding planning and photography when not teaching Casa HOY volunteers Spanish.


Alternative Break Intern: Claire

Claire has always been intrigued by Latin American culture and language, ever since she learned her first Spanish word: albóndigas. After studying abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico, she returned to the University of Vermont to finish up her degree. One year after graduating, she couldn’t be away from Mexico any longer and decided to move to Cuernavaca, Mexico, where she’s been a volunteer in the Casa HOY environmental project for the past five months. Claire loves to sing, speak Spanish, grow her own food, and contemplate what’s for lunch.



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