Alternative Break Themes

All trip themes, unless otherwise stated, are currently being offered in Cuernavaca, Mexico. However, if you would like to carry out a trip in another state or country, contact us and we will plan a trip designed especially for your group. Also, if you would like a different trip theme other than what is posted here, we would be happy to create another participatory trip experience.

Environment in Mexico

*volunteer at an organic garden or a community garden, compost, garden, plan/design gardens, pick up trash, clean up a ravine, learn about farming and gardening practices in Mexico.


Education in Mexico

*volunteer at a local school, assisting a teacher in a variety of subjects; elementary, middle and/or high school. Learn about the education system in Mexico, both public and private. Intermediate Spanish preferred but not necessary.

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Nutrition and Diet in Mexico

*make salsa, drink pulque, visit a local garden. Learn about pre-Colombian foods. Study indigenous food and diet practices. Spend time at local projects learning about local customs and family beliefs and cultural differences in food and diet.

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Childcare in Mexico

*volunteer at a local children’s home, playing and creating educational workshops, spending quality time and helping out around the home.


English Teaching in Mexico

*volunteer at a local school, foster care home or community center, assisting or teaching (more likely) English to children and young adolescents, preparing, organizing and giving basic English classes. Learn about school systems in Mexico.


Indigenous/Rural Themes in Mexico

*volunteer with a women’s pottery group digging up clay and picking up cow patties for fuel. Make your own pottery. Explore an indigenous culture in a rural setting. Interact with students and locals. Learn nahuatl. Discuss rural tourism, such as zip-lining. Visit the Xochicalco archeological site.

419465_3489108232231_1651930516_n     155251_1722060097132_2565668_n

LGBT and Gender/Women Themes in Mexico

*volunteer at a gender awareness organization that promotes gender equality, reproductive rights. Learn about machisimo and its counterpart, marianismo. Meet with activists. Participate in the LGBT movement in Mexico. See a drag show, dance at a club.


Urban Development in Mexico

*explore one of the largest cities in the world. Learn about new advances in public and community and green transportation. Visit rooftop gardens. Explore the chaos.


*in Mexico City.

Farm-workers and their Families in the US

*Learn about farm-workers in Immokalee, Florida – their lives, families and work. Visit sites of modern day slavery. Protest unfair wages. Volunteer at organizations that serve farm worker families, such as schools, housing projects and daycare centers. Learn about penny-per-pound and grassroots activism.

482346_849025818492_177806614_n     522756_849036252582_1735312050_n

*in Immokalee, Florida, USA

Yucatan Trip in Mexico

*volunteer at local NGOs, community centers and schools. Participate at ecological and conservation projects. Visit archeological Maya ruins, amazing natural cenotes (sinkholes). Meet local projects and social activists. Stay in Maya towns and villages.

486566_4428619879435_606378350_n     533188_4428566798108_975728349_n

*In and around Puerto Morelos, Yucatan, Mexico

Local Environmental Themes in the US 

*Learn about local environmental issues and farm workers in Watsonville, California, the Salad Bowl of the US. Track sand crabs on the beach. Monitor water quality in various habitats. Explore the wetlands and the aquarium. Enjoy a show by the Farm workers Theater. Volunteer at Loaves and Fishes and community gardens, learning about how food gets from the farm to your table.

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